For nearly 50 years, we have been paving the road to profitability for our customers. Whether standard or improved, all our semi-trailers are manufactured with the understanding that everything we do must result in a more profitable transport business for you.

More tons
per trip

Maximize your load capacity

Reduce unladen weight without affecting strength

Increase your payload while meeting highway standards

Our products are exceptionally durable and light and they provide increased load capacity. Their construction ensures an optimal balance of load concentration and distribution. Our semi-trailers are tailored to your needs and specifications. They all have superior waterproofing and provide increased safety for drivers and others on the road. With Deloupe, you always get the best trailer based on the type of material transported and the quality of the road.

More time
for driving

Keep downtime to a minimum

Make loading and unloading easier

Spend less time in the garage and lower your maintenance costs

Deloupe simplifies your life and increases your productivity tenfold. Several configurations are offered from the outset to adapt the product to your route and the type of goods you transport. Our product design and the use of high-quality materials ensure limited and easy maintenance. There is greater driving pleasure on the road due our semi-trailers’ great maneuverability and optimal turning angles. These provide flexibility so the driver is able to adapt to the unloading locations as well as excellent stability when loading, unloading and transferring.

The longest warranty
in the industry

Reduce the risk of unforeseen breakdown

Avoid premature wear and replacement

Protect your fleet of semi-trailers with an unrivalled 5-year chassis warranty

At Deloupe, you can count on reliability at all levels and get the most reliable chassis structure in the industry. Our semi-trailers exceed standards and perform in the harshest conditions and the most intense uses. The quality of their design and our use of superior steel give them unrivalled impact and abrasion resistance. The superior protection of their components protects them when loading and unloading; a primary epoxy coating is followed by two layers of polyurethane paint. An optional galvanized steel coating is also available for maximum protection.

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