A history based
on innovation

We have been behind you on the road to
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Founded in 1972, Deloupe originally focused on the design and manufacture of transport vehicles for the forestry sector. Over time, the company has diversified its business activities and was acquired by Gestion Brasa in 2014. It combined its strengths with Trailex, a leader in concrete trailers and a specialist in forest semi-trailers. This partnership helped Deloupe expand its expertise in various fields, making the group a leading manufacturer of chassis for the transport of heavy equipment, waste and recyclables and scrap industries.

In 2016, Gestion Brasa acquired Porcupine Trailers. This company, founded in 1964, was the first to commercialize forest trailers and has been innovative in inventing tools such as the first-generation delimber or manufacturing trailers to meet Northern Ontario’s growing mining needs. The three family-owned companies of Deloupe, Trailex and Porcupine Trailers complement each other in an increasingly competitive industry.

Trailers designed with your efficiency in mind

Our expertise is recognized in the forestry and oil industry as well as in the transportation of goods, scrap metals, waste and heavy equipment. Our semi-trailers are known for their strength, reliability and durability. We are committed to adapting our products to meet the needs of our customers and draw from our roots to always provide the quality that has built our reputation.

Viking: a brand that sets a standard

Our common visual identity includes a Viking, which symbolizes the unifying warrior, sturdiness, quality, strength of character and determination. These features represent the strength of each of our products and of our team. Deloupe's flagship product, the Viking forestry trailer is part of history and is still manufactured. Like the Viking conquerors, Deloupe is always looking to the future and intends to continue being guided by its philosophy of exploration and innovation.

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