Transporting pipelines has never been easier and more profitable! This trailer, modified for oil transport, can be used to transport all kinds of pipelines safely.

remorque à poutre
remorque à poutre
remorque à poutre
Built solid for
your profitability


Optimized payload

The only 3-axle pole trailer on the market helps you increase your payload by more than 57%. Pipeline transportation has never been more profitable.

Optimized payload : 3-axle pole trailer


Rounded front bumper

It helps tighten the trailer’s turning radius to make your driving easier and safer in an urban area.

Rounded front bumper


Optimized turntable

The turntable provides better control of the trailer in tight spots or urban areas. Move with simplicity and peace of mind.

Pole trailers for the oil industry


  • Suitable for transporting pipelines up to 80 feet long
  • Rear-steering trailer for better maneuverability in urban areas
  • Payload optimized by more than 57%


  • Available with 2 or 3 axles
  • Choice of tires and rims
  • Turntable in different sizes
  • D sign (included)
  • Strobe light (included)
  • Extendable lights (included)


We can modify your semi-trailer
or fabricate custom products.

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