We design and manufacture custom products. Our team has only one obsession: to deliver the right product for each application.

Custom chassis

Choose a chassis that will be suitable for your type of transport. Do you have an old trailer with a good tank? You may want to think outside the box and do business with the pros of customization. Treat yourself to a custom project without incurring excess costs!


  • Adapted to your reality
  • Give your outdated equipment a second life
  • Custom work without excessive costs

Tanker pup trailer

The transport of non-oil chemical liquids has never been more profitable! No matter what type of transport you do, we can fabricate a chassis to meet your needs.


  • Improved aerodynamics means fuel savings of up to 20%
  • Optimized weight that enables you to increase your payload on each trip
  • Lower center of gravity provides better control of your load and optimal safety

Cement mixer chassis

Get the benefits of a cement mixer with the versatility of a semi-trailer. Our customer, who is recognized across North America, offers a product that improves the lives of the majority of its customers through this versatility.


  • Increase your payload by 35% on each trip
  • Go for versatility—don’t restrict yourself to a single type of load
  • Don’t look back, opt for custom fabrication!

Refrigerated van

Our customer, who works in the manufacture, improvement and modernization of North American trucking vans, opted for an optimized refrigerated transport solution. This premium van is the best insulated on the market.


  • Optimized weight
  • Energy savings of more than 15% due to the quality of the van’s refrigeration
  • Contact us for a profitable project!

End dump trailers

Our customer, a specialist in the design and manufacture of dumpsters for small trailers, wanted to obtain a chassis suitable for its different models in order to turn them into detachable dumpsters.


  • Available in a variety of lengths
  • Detachable system to convert the dumpster into a container
  • Contact us for your custom project!

Poultry trailer

Our customer wanted a custom project. We provided them with a product that meets their specific needs.


  • Trailer suitable for transporting poultry
  • Allows poultry to be transported safely to protect animal welfare
  • For any turnkey project, contact us!

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